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The Pushkin prince Gvidon whose image gave the name to the restaurant - is an innocent martyr, noted and treated kindly by Higher Powers.

The image of Prince Gvidon is a metaphor for Russian people own mystical path to success, built on wonderful help of patron friends and eternal Russian hope for "Mayhap"

The general stylistic mood of the new space can be conditionally called Russian Neo Art Nouveau
Designer Natalia Belonogova has created a phantasmagoric interior of a fairytale underwater world

The sundrenched floor made of golden sand, and crystal chandeliers-jellyfish with light ripples spread out across the water heated by the sun on the ceiling.
The walls are painted in the Art Nouveau style by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Glazunov

Gvidon restaurant cuisine is a fusion of Russian and French culinary traditions. French cuisine has left a deep mark on Russian gastronomy history. It begins in the era of Peter the Great as an innovation, today it is being reborn as a tradition, but in a modern interpretation. Chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Vladimir Mukhin marched in the fairway between fine dining and classic cuisine